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Ashtar Tours Organizing The first MTB Race in Jordan.

Updated: Jan 31

In the heart of Jordan, where history and adventure harmoniously intertwine, a thrilling new chapter in the world of mountain biking was written by Ashtar Tours and Cycling Jordan in 2019.

With unwavering determination, a passion for adventure, and a love for the stunning landscapes of Jordan, Ashtar Tours and Cycling Jordan organized the inaugural Arabian Epic Series, a four-stages mountain biking race that captivated the hearts and minds of international racers and brought them on a breathtaking journey across this remarkable country.

Stage 1: Wasfi Al Tal Forest - Short but Tough (18km)

The adventure began with a loop in the enchanting Wasfi Al Tal forest. This picturesque location, nestled amidst towering trees and lush foliage, set the stage for a race that was not just about speed but also about mastering challenging terrains. Despite its relatively short distance, this stage was a true test of endurance and biking skills.

Stage 2: Amman to Kafrein Water Dam - Conquering Mountains (44km)

From the bustling capital city of Amman to the serene Kafrein Water Dam, the second stage of the race was an exhilarating journey through a diverse landscape. Participants had to conquer steep mountain ascents and descents, making it a physically demanding yet incredibly rewarding leg of the race. The breathtaking scenery along the way was a testament to Jordan's natural beauty.

Stage 3: Dead Sea to Mount Neb - The Ultimate Challenge (66km)

The third stage was an epic race from the the Dead Sea to the majestic heights of Mount Nebo, where racers had to cross and climb the challenging mountains before returning to the the Dead Sea. This leg was renowned as the most physically demanding part of the race, testing not only the riders' stamina and skills but also their determination.

Stage 4: Shobak Castle to Little Petra - An Epic Finish (57km)

The final stage brought racers from the historic Shobak Castle to the enchanting Little Petra, a treasure trove of archaeological wonders. With the finish line in sight, participants pushed themselves to the limit, and the jubilation at reaching Little Petra was a moment of celebration and achievement.

The Arabian Epic Series Jordan was not just about racing; it was an immersive experience, a chance to explore the diverse landscapes, cultures, and history of Jordan. It was an opportunity for international racers to not only challenge their physical limits but also to connect with the rich heritage of this captivating country.

The first Arabian Epic Series Jordan marked a milestone in the world of mountain biking. It brought together participants from across the globe to experience the breathtaking beauty and thrilling challenges of Jordan's terrain. Ashtar Tours and Cycling Jordan succeeded in creating an event that celebrated adventure, sportsmanship, and the timeless allure of Jordan.

This race was not just a competition; it was a testament to the incredible potential of Jordan as an adventure sports destination. With its diverse landscapes, rich history, and warm hospitality, Jordan promises even more epic adventures in the years to come. The Arabian Epic Series Jordan was just the beginning of a thrilling journey that invites adventurers from around the world to explore, race, and discover the wonders of this remarkable country.

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