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Nurturing Jordan's Legacy through Sustainable Tourism

At Ashtar Tours, we believe in the transformative power of travel, and we are dedicated to ensuring that this power is harnessed responsibly.


Our commitment to sustainable tourism is a testament to our deep-rooted pledge to preserve Jordan's natural and cultural treasures for the well-being of future generations.

Travelife Engaged and Beyond

We are a member of Travelife and we have started the process to work step by step towards complying with international sustainability standards

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Commitment to Environmental Excellence

Within our own spaces, we are driving change.

We have implemented a range of sustainability initiatives, such as reducing our carbon footprint, eliminating single-use plastics, optimizing energy consumption, and sourcing eco-friendly office supplies.


These efforts reflect our dedication to minimizing environmental impact at the grassroots level.

Responsible Tourism Advocacy

Our tours are thoughtfully designed to minimize environmental impact, fostering a positive relationship with local communities and partners.


By choosing Ashtar Tours, our clients become stewards of responsible travel.

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Preserving Cultural Heritage

Our passion for Jordan's rich cultural heritage shines through in our itineraries.


We encourage travelers to engage respectfully with local traditions, ensuring that the tapestry of Jordan's culture remains vibrant and unblemished.

Eco Guardianship

In our journey towards sustainability, we embrace the role of Eco Guardians.

As part of our commitment to responsible tourism, we actively undertake initiatives to preserve our planet's vitality.


Our practices extend beyond traditional environmental stewardship, reflecting a proactive approach to nurturing and safeguarding the delicate balance of nature.

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