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Adventure Training Expedition for New Ashtar Tours Guides in South Jordan

At Ashtar Tours, we are committed to developing the new generation of guides by providing them with the skills and experiences necessary to excel in the field. Recently, our newest guides participated in a three-day adventure training expedition in the stunning landscapes of South Jordan. This training not only tested their physical endurance but also enriched their knowledge of Jordan's diverse mountain trails.

Day 1: Discovering Dana Village

The adventure began in Dana Village. The day started with a 4 km pre-hiking tour around the village, allowing the new guides to familiarize themselves with the local terrain and cultural landmarks. This initial hike was a perfect warm-up, setting the stage for the more challenging days ahead.

Day 2: Trekking from Shobak Juhaier to Gbour Wheidat

The second day was the most demanding, featuring a 19 km trek from Shobak Juhaier to Gbour Wheidat. The trail led through the majestic Saffaha Mountain, offering breathtaking views and a true test of the guides' endurance and navigation skills. This segment of the journey was crucial for the guides to experience the rugged beauty of South Jordan’s landscapes.

Day 3: Exploring Al Farsh Trail Near Little Petra

On the final day, the expedition continued from Gbour Wheidat to the Al Farsh trail near Little Petra. This 8 km trail offered stunning views of Wadi Araba, providing a memorable conclusion to the training. The guides had the opportunity to appreciate the unique beauty of the area while honing their hiking and guiding skills.

The expedition was expertly led by Mr. Abu Hasan Al Badawi, whose 36 years of experience in tourism ensured a safe and educational journey. His extensive knowledge of the region was invaluable to the new guides. Additionally, Mr. Mohammad Daifallah, a well-known local guide and South Jordan specialist, provided essential support throughout the expedition. His insights into the local trails and culture greatly enhanced the training experience.

Throughout the three-day adventure, the new Ashtar Tours guides demonstrated remarkable dedication and enthusiasm. They learned about the intricacies of Jordan’s mountain trails, the importance of cultural sensitivity, and the skills needed to lead hiking tours safely and effectively. The hands-on experience they gained is invaluable as they begin their careers as professional guides.

This adventure training expedition in South Jordan was a resounding success, thanks to the leadership of Mr. Abu Hasan Al Badawi and the support of Mr. Mohammad Daifallah. Our new guides have emerged from this experience more knowledgeable, confident, and ready to provide exceptional tours. At Ashtar Tours, we believe that investing in the development of our guides ensures that we continue to offer the highest quality experiences to our clients. We are proud of our new guides and look forward to their contributions to our team and to the tourism industry in Jordan.

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