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First-Ever E-Bike Tours in Jordan!

Updated: Jan 31

Ashtar Tours is excited to unveil a groundbreaking venture – the first-ever E-Bike Adventures in the country. Our high-quality brand bikes, paired with our extensive cycling experience of more than 17 years, promise a journey that elevates the cycling experience and challenges the undulating terrains of this hilly country.

Elevating the Cycling Experience:

We take pride in being pioneers, and our introduction of fully E-Bike adventure tours in Jordan is no exception. Jordan's diverse topography, characterized by challenging uphill climbs, inspired us to take cycling to the next level. Powered by Cycling Jordan, the first cycling adventure company in the region, our E-Bike Adventures offer a unique blend of thrill and exploration.

Cycling Jordan: A Team of Experience:

Our cycling team, with over 17 years of experience, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every tour. Their passion for the sport is matched only by their commitment to creating unparalleled cycling experiences for our adventurers. With their guidance, riders can confidently conquer the hills and valleys that define Jordan's landscape.

Power and Precision: The E-Bike Advantage:

Jordan's terrain is known for its challenging elevations, making our choice of E-Bikes a game-changer. These high-quality, fully-suspended bikes are designed to tackle any trail, both on and off the road. The electric assistance not only amplifies the joy of cycling but also ensures that riders of varying skill levels can conquer the most demanding routes with ease.

Multi-Day Cycling Adventures: Uncover the Best of Jordan:

Our E-Bike tours range from 7 to 12 days, offering immersive multi-day experiences that cover the best cycling routes in Jordan. Whether you're tracing the historic trails or venturing off the beaten path, each day brings new discoveries and a sense of accomplishment.


Ashtar Tours invites you to be part of this groundbreaking experience – the fusion of ancient landscapes and modern technology, the thrill of challenging elevations, and the joy of discovering Jordan in a way like never before. Join us on our first-ever E-Bike Adventures and let the hills of Jordan become the backdrop to your extraordinary cycling journey.

Gear up, embrace the power of E-Bikes, and let the adventure unfold!

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