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Ashtar Tours Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence.

Updated: Jan 31

In the heart of Amman, Jordan, Ashtar Tours was established in 1989, marking the beginning of a legacy that has significantly contributed to the development of tourism in Jordan. Celebrating 35 years, we reflect on a journey that not only showcases the beauty of Jordan but also encompasses our active involvement in numerous events that have propelled the growth of tourism in the region.

A Legacy of Tourism Development:

Over the years, Ashtar Tours has been an active participant in various tourism events, playing a vital role in shaping and developing the tourism landscape in Jordan. Our commitment to fostering positive change has been a driving force behind our involvement in these events, allowing us to contribute to the sustainable growth of tourism in this remarkable destination.

A Dedicated Team for Every Journey:

At the heart of Ashtar Tours is a dedicated team of professionals ready to cater to every aspect of your journey. From historical explorations to adrenaline-pumping adventures, our specialized team ensures that every tour is not just a trip but an immersive experience that stays with you for a lifetime.

Future Focus: Adventures Unveiled

As we step into the future, Ashtar Tours sets its sights on pioneering adventure tourism, with a specific focus on cycling and E-bike adventures. Our commitment to innovation aligns with the evolving preferences of modern travelers, and we are excited to unveil new possibilities in the realm of adventure tourism.

Key Pillars of Our Commitment:

Showcasing Jordan's Natural Beauty:

Our participation in tourism events has been instrumental in unveiling the stunning landscapes of Jordan, creating a global awareness of its unparalleled natural beauty.

Pioneering Adventures:

With a dedicated team and a history of successful events, we continue to pioneer new adventures, ensuring that each journey with Ashtar Tours is filled with excitement and discovery.

Sustainable Tourism Development:

We remain committed to sustainable tourism practices, aiming to leave a positive impact on the local communities we engage with during our tours.

Future Focus, Adventure Tourism and Cycling Adventures:

Ashtar Tours is embracing the future with a focus on adventure tourism. Look forward to thrilling cycling and E-bike adventures that promise a new dimension to your travel experiences.


As we celebrate 35 years of excellence, we extend our gratitude to our travelers, partners, and the communities that have been part of this incredible journey. Join us as we continue to shape the future of travel, showcasing Jordan's beauty, fostering tourism, and embracing the thrill of new adventures.

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