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Sustainability Policy

At Ashtar Tours, we are dedicated to fostering sustainable practices across all facets of our operations. Our sustainability policy is meticulously crafted to ensure the highest standards of environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and ethical business conduct. Below, we delineate our sustainability commitments and the measures we undertake to fulfill them:

Health and Safety:

We ensure the availability of first aid kits and trained personnel at all relevant sites to safeguard the safety and well-being of our clients and staff.

We adhere to national regulations regarding the Minimum Age for Admission to Employment, upholding fair labor practices and safeguarding the rights of young workers.

We pledge not to impede trade union membership, collective labor negotiations, or union representation, fostering an environment of support and inclusivity.

We incorporate labor conditions compliant with national labor laws and provide transparent job descriptions in employment contracts, promoting fairness and clarity in our workforce.

Environment and Community Relations:

We actively diminish the consumption of disposable and consumer goods, opting for sustainable alternatives to mitigate waste production.

We prioritize the procurement of sustainable goods and services, including office supplies, catering materials, giveaways, and merchandise, to endorse environmentally responsible businesses.

We minimize packaging waste by procuring items in bulk and encourage suppliers to adopt eco-friendly packaging practices.

We advocate paper-saving techniques by implementing double-sided printing or other paper-saving modes in our copy and printing machines.

We utilize cleaning products that are non-hazardous, non-eutrophic, and biodegradable, giving preference to products certified with eco-labels when locally available.

We prioritize low-energy equipment purchases, taking into account cost, quality, and environmental impact considerations.

We enact measures to curtail brochure wastage through digital brochures and actively monitor and reduce energy consumption to diminish our environmental footprint.


We select transport options that are most sustainable, considering factors such as price, comfort, and environmental impact for tour arrangements and transfers.

We prioritize vehicles meeting the highest national emissions standards, with recent production years, and ensure regular maintenance and servicing to minimize pollution emissions.


We choose accommodations with established records of sustainability practices and quality standards, particularly those holding internationally recognized sustainability certifications.

We favor locally owned and managed accommodations, promoting the employment of local communities.

We advocate for best practices and offer training on responsible tourism to our accommodation partners.

We encourage accommodations to complete sustainability questionnaires, focusing on key criteria such as water and energy-saving initiatives, waste management, and community involvement.

Excursions and Activities:

We communicate our sustainability objectives and requirements to contracted accommodations, stressing the importance of environmental conservation and community welfare.

We prioritize excursions and activities respecting local cultures, wildlife, and environments, advising guests on appropriate behavioral standards.

We abstain from offering excursions involving captive wildlife and refrain from associations with entities engaged in unethical wildlife exploitation practices.

Tour Leaders, Local Representatives, and Guides:

We ensure fair and secure working conditions for all employees, providing written employment contracts with explicit terms and conditions.

We prioritize hiring local staff and remunerate them at least a living wage in compliance with legal and industry standards.

We train tour leaders, local representatives, and guides to educate clients on sustainability matters, social norms, and human rights within destination communities.


We support biodiversity conservation efforts and avoid promoting souvenirs containing threatened flora and fauna species or historic artifacts, aligning with international conventions and local regulations.

Customer Communication and Protection:

We prioritize customer privacy and furnish clear, accurate, and balanced information about our products and services, including sustainability claims.

We advocate sustainable alternatives to our customers and promote the utilization of local businesses and transport options at destinations.

We provide comprehensive information to customers pre, during, and post their holidays, including emergency contacts and responsible behavior guidelines.

We actively solicit feedback from customers to enhance our services and integrate sustainability into our customer satisfaction assessments.

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